Ninth Place for Jarvis in Second Paralympic Campaign

Equestrian | Published: Wed 14 September 2016

Sharon Jarvis has finished her second Paralympic campaign with a ninth place finish in the Grade III Individual Championship Test event over night (WST).

Jarvis competed on horse, Ceasy, where they scored a total of 68.537 points.

Fellow Australian, Katie-Maree Umback also competed in the Test, finishing just behind Jarvis in 12th position, scoring 67.902 points. 
The pair's participation in the individual event follows on form their previous performance in the Grade III Team Test, which took place earlier in the competition schedule, on day four.
In this event, the Australian team finished in 12th position with a combined total of 206.231 points.
This team total was calculated from the culmination of all four team members' points. 
Jarvis did not score quite as well in this competition, contributing 65.921 points to her teams total.
She was still able to achieve a 15th place finish, again riding on horse Ceasy.
The grade III equestrian class includes those athletes with either a physical disability or a vision impairment.
Riders can possess moderate unilateral impairment, moderate impairment across all four limbs, a severe arm impairment, or those visually impaired athletes will have a total loss of sight in both eyes.