D’Arcy Slater Foundation Sports Scholarships
WAIS is proud to be facilitating the offering of up to $45,000 in sports scholarships per year from the D’Arcy Slater Foundation.

The D’Arcy Slater Foundation was formed in memory of 13-year old D’Arcy Slater, the only child of Bill Slater and Christina Slater, who tragically drowned whilst returning to school at Guildford Grammar following football training.

D’Arcy was a talented young sportsman and academic, playing football, swimming and tennis at Guildford Grammar School, and the sporting scholarships have been set up by the Foundation to provide means for young West Australians to realize their potential in sport.

The sporting scholarships are offered by the Foundation in addition to other programs offered to encourage youth to pursue their aspirations in education, music, theatre and the arts.

WAIS has been approached by the D’Arcy Slater Foundation to facilitate the sport scholarship program and is proud to be assisting the Foundation in their endeavours.

Scholarships will be offered on a bi-annual basis, to ensure that both winter and summer sports have equal opportunity to be considered. Up to seven individual scholarships worth $5,000 will be awarded annually, together with up to one team scholarship worth $10,000.

Applicants are required to meet the selection criteria, which is outlined on the form below, and consists of (i) their personal qualities, (ii) the importance of their sporting goal in their career pathway, (iii) their financial need and (iv) their financial status.

Applications will be assessed by a selection panel, consisting of the three Performance Team Directors. Successful applicants will be notified. 

Applications for the 2015 Winter round of D’Arcy Slater Scholarships are now open.


This round of scholarships will grant three individual scholarships and one team. Applications will close at 5pm on Monday 10th August, 2015.


Scholarship Application Form
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Selection Criteria
1. Personal Qualities   Provide examples that illustrate your possession of the following personal qualities:
2. Importance of sporting goal in career pathway   Outline your sporting goals for the (i) short term:
    Outline your sporting goals for the (ii) long term:
3. Financial Need   Describe the specific financial need you have related to your short term sporting goals:
    If you are granted a scholarship how will this assist you to fulfill your sporting goals?
4. Financial Status   Are you already receiving funding/support from any other companies/organizations or government agencies?
    If yes, please include names of supporting groups and amounts of support being provide.