About Us

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To provide opportunities for talented Western Australian sportspeople to achieve excellence in high performance sport from within their home environment.
  • To provide opportunities for young West Australians to further develop their sporting careers in association with or as a part of their education or work.
  • To organise and promote sporting meetings for the purpose of developing the personal skills and levels of excellence of WA's sports people.
  • To equip and conduct sport science laboratories to assist the development of sporting excellence.
  • To conduct research that will assist the development of sporting excellence.To provide and disseminate sport science information and literature.
  • To provide and develop coaching resources, facilities and information and to make the same available to assist the development of sporting excellence.
  • To assist, where possible, sports people of other countries who may be engaged in competition or training in WA.
  • To seek and administer funds to be used to develop and promote sporting excellence amongst West Australian individuals and teams through the provision of travel, competition, equipment, information or any other requirement.
  • To act as the trustee for any foundation or project that may be established to promote and develop excellence in sport.

What is WAIS?

WAIS stands for the Western Australian Institute of Sport. The short form WAIS, is now widely recognised with its physical location, based in Mt Claremont on McGillivray Road.

Why does WAIS only support certain sport programs?

The reasons behind what is, or is not, a WAIS sport are varied and complex. Several factors affect whether or not WAIS can run a whole program in a given sport. Not least of these is whether the financial resources are available to WAIS to put into a program. However, once funding is available, there are numerous other considerations in determining a sport's suitability to establish a WAIS squad. These include:

  • The number of registered competitors
  • The talent base available in WA
  • The coaching expertise available
  • The ability of WAIS to add value to the elite program in the sport
  • WA's historical record in the sport
  • The sport's local and international profile
  • The sports infrastructure and underpinning programs
  • The availability of training and competition facilities
  • The sport's Olympic status

What is the age range of WAIS athletes?

The athletes who are currently part of WAIS range in age from gymnasts who are members of the WAIS Flyers development squad and are 5 years old and upwards, to rowers and hockey players in their early 30's.

How much training do elite athletes do?

The amount of training varies significantly from sport to sport. In the case of skill sports such as the field events in athletics, this can involved 2-3 hours in the gym and on the field per day. In endurance sports such as kayaking and rowing, this can increase dramatically to up to 5 hours per day. All sports will train 6 or 7 days per week, often twice a day for up to 50 weeks of the year. Being a full-time athlete does not allow for weekends away or holidays several times a year.