Management & Staff
WAIS has over 40 full-time staff. The Institute is based at HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont. Of the 46 staff working from WAIS at present, 20 are full time coaches. In addition, WAIS employs numerous part time coaches across all sport programs. However, many coaches and sport science staff are present in the office for only a few hours each day or, in some case, each week, due to their commitments at training grounds with athletes.

The Director of the Institute reports directly to the Board of Directors. Following a significant restructure in late 2008 there are now five departmental managers:- Athlete and Coach Services, Racing Sports Coaching Group Manager, Invasion and Acrobatic Coaching Group Manager, Corporate Communications and Finance & Administration.
Athlete and Coach Services and Coaching are the largest departments with fourteen staff in Sport Science, and the remainder of all staff falling within the Coaching department. Finance & Administration employs six personnel. The Corporate Communications department has two permanent members of staff.
The current organisational structure of the Institute is available for download here.
2008 Re-Structure

The end of an Olympic cycle is a logical operational period to bring about significant organizational change. Following the 2008 Olympic Games WAIS commenced implementation of its biggest change since moving from accommodation at UWA to its base at Challenge Stadium in 1987.

For the previous 21 years the Program Department was the administrative home of WAIS coaches, with each coach and their program supported by a program administrator as well as the overall department manager.

In order to promote a renewed focus on the leadership role and development of the Institute's coaching group a move away from the basic coach/administration support model was introduced.

The re-named Coaching Department is now home to a set of three senior managers, with each manager having responsibility for a cohort of coaches that lead a series of sports grouped by either a tactical or technical concept (Racing Sports: cycling, canoeing, sailing, swimming, athletics, rowing, Invasion Sports: hockey, water polo, netball, women's football and Acrobatic Sports: diving and gymnastics).

Each Coaching Group Manager has been charged with the responsibility of leading their group of coaches, helping them to develop their coaching and leadership abilities, with the administration for time consuming tasks such as travel and clothing now resting within the Corporate Services team. The former positions of Programs Manager and Program Co-ordinator no longer exist which unfortunately saw some of the existing staff made redundant.

The new cohort of Coaching Group Managers consists of three individuals with impressive coaching resumes from around the world, with experience coaching athletes at the very highest levels within sports of a similar nature to those they are responsible for at WAIS.

WAIS Board of Directors

Mr Grant Boyce
Mr Ron Alexander
Mr Steven Lawrence
Dr Rachel Harris
Ms Jenn Morris
Mr Peter Abery
Rev. Canon Richard Pengelley
Mrs Fiona Tory
Ms Deborah Leavitt
Department of Sport & Recreation
Executive Director
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Board Member
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