Performance Enhancement Division

Following the 2012 London Olympic Games, an independent review recommended that WAIS undertake a structural change to improve coordination between the ACS and Coaching departments and provide greater accountability to process and quality of planning.

This culminated in the creation of a Performance Enhancement Division (PED) consisting of three Performance Enhancement Teams (PET) that split the 13 WAIS sport programs and IASP athletes into three teams.

Each of the three Performance Enhancement Teams has a performance team of dedicated service providers focussed on specific clusters of athletes to increase the collaboration and efficiency of support to the central component, our athletes.

Each PET is managed by a director overseeing a performance team consisting of; coaching, medical, psychology, bio-mechanics, physiology, nutrition, athlete career and education and strength and conditioning.

The three PET groups are clustered as follows:

  • Performance Enhancement Team - Invasion Sports: Hockey, Netball, Water Polo
  • Performance Enhancement Team - Technical Sports: Athletics, Diving, Gymnastics, Swimming, Individual Athlete Support Program
  • Performance Enhancement Team - Racing Sports: Canoeing, Cycling, Rowing, Sailing