Individual Athlete Support Program

The WAIS Individual Athlete Support Program provides services and support to Western Australian high performance athletes from sports outside of the 13 programs operated through WAIS.

The Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) has been in operation for more than 28 years. During this time, WAIS has continually evolved to ensure that it remains capable of achieving its purpose –

"To provide opportunities for talented Western Australian athletes to achieve excellence in elite sport with support from their home environment

To fulfil its purpose, WAIS provides a range of programs and services to WA athletes to enable them to reach their potential at the national and international level.

The goals of WAIS are three fold:

1.Maximise Western Australian contribution to Australia’s international success*

2.Maximise Western Australian representation on significant Australian Sporting Teams

3.WAIS National Representative's reflect the personal values of a champion

* defined by Australia’s Winning Edge strategy

In sports where WAIS does not have a sports program or the athlete competes in one of the WAIS sport programs outside of the WAIS daily training environment, WA elite athletes competing in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games events can apply for support through the Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP).

There are four categories of scholarship allocated according to an athlete’s current and future forecast performance standard. A schedule of benefits will be individualised and offered as per the IASP categorisation. These categories are generically defined as follows:


WAIS Athlete Categories





International senior competitor in an individual or team event with a medal performance at benchmark competitions and considered capable of maintaining this level of performance.

"Medal performance”: assessed by benchmark competition performance or recognised sport specific world ranking system.

"Benchmark Competitions”: competitions which are aligned to Australia’s High Performance Strategy Goals.

"Capability”: determined by assessment of sport specific athlete critical success factors

Potential Podium

International senior competitor in an Individual event or team with a 4-8 placing at benchmark competitions and considered capable of progressingto medal performance within 2 years.


Member of a senior national squad in a team which has a current Podium status


International senior competitor in an Individual event or team at benchmark competitions and considered capable of retaining or progressing this level of performance.

Developing International

Athlete with the capability to achieve at least International Class Athlete status within 3 years.



The following selection guidelines will be used to assess each application. Please note that the performance criteria outlined below should not be viewed in isolation, as ALL selection guidelines will be taken into account.

1. Athlete performance will be assessed from the relevant targeted event over the past 12 months. Targeted events may include:

·Olympic Games

·World Championships

·Commonwealth Games

·Sports specific targeted event recognised by the ASC


2. Other important criteria against which an application will be assessed include:

  • The assessment of the relevant National Sporting Organisation (NSO) as to the performance level, national ranking and international ranking of the athlete and/or the prospect of selection to a national team within 1-3 years.
  • An assessment of how well the athlete has and will evidence the WAIS values of People and Excellence in their pursuit of high performance outcomes.
  • The number of competitors and countries competing in the sport at an international level.
  • Applications will be prioritised on a top down approach aligned with WAIS goals and key performance indicators.

Applicants can access the 2015/16 Western Australian Institute of Sport - Individual Athlete Support Program information and application form here.

Selection Criteria

Please view the Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP) Selection Criteria here.

Please ensure application forms are submitted to WAIS from the relevant National Sporting Organisation by COB Tuesday 29thSeptember 2015.