Specialist WAIS Cook Book Hot on the Menu

General | Published: Tue 18 March 2008

The Western Australian Institute of Sport Inaugural Cookbook is now ready and available for purchase from the WAIS reception.

The idea of a cookbook began in 2006 based on research from both athletes and their significant others who indicated a need for such a resource. Since then we have canvassed WAIS staff, athletes and their families for ideas, had our nutritionist review, approve and/or amend contributed recipes, as well as compliment the chapters that needed additional substance; develop a design concept and finally print the resource. While it has taken longer than initially expected, and we do apologize for the delay, we are very pleased with the final product and hope that you and your family will be to!

A limited number of this resource is now available through the ACE program to all the WAIS staff, athletes and their families at cost ($10). If you, or anyone from your program, are interested in obtaining a copy please see Kristin or Lorren on reception.

WAIS would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Deborah Kerr (WAIS Nutritionist), Marissa Leddin (former Marketing assistant), Kristy Warrick (former ACE Counsellor) and Tim Chambers (ACE Training officer) for their generous assistance with this project. We would also like to thank Delish for their sponsorship of the Best Contribution recipe prizes.