WA Talent Selected for NTC

Rowing | Published: Fri 26 October 2018

Seven Western Australian athletes have earned selection for Rowing Australia’s 2018/19 National Training Centre intake.


Automatic selection was achieved by recent World Championship competitors Josh Hicks, David Watts and Annabelle McIntyre, whilst after impressing through recent trialling, fellow West Aussies Jack Cleary, Hannah Vermeersch, Bronwyn Cox and Lilly Tinapple have also earned invitations.


The men’s and women’s training centres are located at separate facilities, with the men’s program centralised at the Reinhold Batschi National Training Centre in Canberra, whilst the women are based in Penrith at the Hancock Prospecting National Training Centre.


The selections follow on from a successful international rowing season which saw Hicks, Watts and McIntyre all medal in their respective boats, whilst the promotion of further athletes who have developed in Perth under the program of WAIS coaches Rhett Ayliffe and Jamie Hewlett represents a very strong return for Western Australian rowing.


There was also an invitation extended to WA athlete Giorgia Patten, who has delayed relocation for a further year, to focus on her academic balance whilst still training with WAIS.




Western Australian NTC athletes:


Josh Hicks – Sydney Rowing Club (intake one)


David Watts – Sydney Rowing Club (intake one)


Annabelle McIntyre– Fremantle Rowing Club (intake one)


Jack Cleary – WA Rowing Club (intake two)


Hannah Vermeersch– WA Rowing Club (intake two)


Bronwyn Cox – University of Western Australia Boat Club (intake two)


Lilly Tinapple– Swan River Rowing Club (intake two)