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Maximising Study Effort - Tips for Success
25 August 2011

  • Set up a study timetable – try and stick to it as routine helps you focus. Know what time of day you study the best
  • Set up a good study environment– somewhere you won’t be distracted and has the necessary study tools and resources
  • Avoid distractions–from TV, phones and online distractions; ask other family members not to distract you; commit to focusing on homework or study only during this time – avoid temptation of Facebook, text messages, etc.
  • Ask your teacher for help - you may get good resources and pointers to ensure your study is focused on the most important topics which can save valuable time
  • Focus - on what you don't know rather than studying what you are already good at
  • Practice - writing answers and essays in an exam format to get use to time frames and get your point across in a timed situation
  • Reward yourself - gives you motivation to keep studying
  • Get plenty of rest and eat well
  • Remain balanced – keeping up with training gives you a physical out let and time to be with friends. You may need to reduce training when exams are on. Talk to your coach ahead of time about this

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