Strength & Conditioning

What's the purpose of WAIS Strength and Conditioning?

The aim of WAIS Strength and Conditioning is to provide athletes with training facilities and individual training programs designed to maximise their athletic potential and performance.

The Strength and Conditioning department provide specialised training programs for strength, power, muscular endurance and movement competency as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. These programs are professionally developed and supervised to ensure maximal training effectiveness, and are conducted within the WAIS High Performance Service Centre.

What's in the gym?

The WAIS Strength and Conditioning facility provides a range of equipment designed to service the high performance requirements of elite athletes.

The facility contains equipment such as; lifting platforms, squat racks, bench press and bench pull, multi-purpose cable machines, a throwing wall, floor space for exercises such as box jumps and walking lunges as well as a dedicated ergometer area for cardio training.

The WAIS strength and conditioning area covers 715m2 and can accommodate two sporting squads training simultaneously. The WAIS High Performance Service Centre's Strength and Conditioning facility is also entirely accessible for wheelchair athletes.

Athlete Benefits:

  • Expert Strength and Conditioning Programing
  • Professional coaching
  • Collaborative approach to injury rehabilitation (with sports physician, physiotherapy and coach
  • Injury prevention
For more information on WAIS Strength and Conditioning please email us at: or phone: (08) 9384 8166.

Who uses the WAIS Strength and Conditioning facility?

The WAIS strength and conditioning facility is available to all scholarship holders, with athletes in some sports training up to six hours per week, whilst most athletes will generally (dependant on sport, injury, competition phase and requirement) complete two strength sessions in a training week, equating to approximately three hours.