WAIS Canoeing Program



The WAIS Canoeing Program operates a daily training environment in sprint canoe with men's and women's program athletes training across 200m, 500m and 1000m disciplines.


The focus of the WAIS Canoeing Program is based on developing athletes with the capability to represent Australia at benchmark events - as defined by Australia's Winning Edge (AWE), both now and in the future. Scholarships are offered based on these assessments, with program athletes given support through access to; coaching, sport science services, sport medicine and personal excellence.


This support is structured through a dedicated WAIS Performance Enhancement Team (PET), with all members of the PET working together to collaboratively enhance performance of WAIS program athletes.


The WAIS Canoeing Program is partnered through a strategic alignment with its National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and State Sporting Organisation (SSO) stakeholders: Australian Canoeing and Canoeing Western Australia.


Selection Guidelines, Criteria and Process


Please view the WAIS Canoeing Program Guidelines, Criteria and Process Policy here.


Performance Enhancement


The WAIS Canoeing Program is staffed within the National PET.


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